Friday, October 29, 2010

Anxious to Improve our Perceptions

Brad Barton is a dear friend of mine and has an incredible book that has changed my life and the way I Perceive everything in life! Here is a little taste of his book! "BEYOND ILLUSIONS"

Today I include a few choice quotes from only the first 2 chapters of Brad’s magical book.

The work we do ‘in’ ourselves is much more significant than any work we can ever do ‘on’ ourselves. ~ Brad Barton

If we are anxious to improve our circum-stances, if we are anxious to improve ourselves, we must be willing to improve our perception of ourselves. I invite you to take it one step further. If we want to get along better with people, to improve our relationships with co-workers, to be closer to our family and loved ones, we must be willing to enhance our perceptions of them as well.

If we desire to be good and effective leaders, we must also be willing to help others improve their perceptions of themselves and of each other. That is true leadership. That is the power of guided perception. ~ Brad Barton

If left alone, our self-perception will tend to follow the path of least resistance and seek its lowest level. However, when we choose to actively manage those perceptions, we manage our circumstances and change our reality. Brad Barton

In fact, the most important thing we can change is not our career, financial status or even our appearance. The most important change we can make is our perception of who we are, the value we bring to the world and our attractiveness to others and to ourselves.

Can we create our own reality? Can we affect ‘what is’ simply by altering our perception? Can we do it without being considered delusional? ~ Brad Barton

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