Monday, August 8, 2011

The Scroll Marked VI- Today I Will Be The Master of My Emotions

Today I Will Be the Master of My Emotions.

What an incredible scroll to be starting on a couple days ago! This is especially good for me because if anyone knows me personally, you know that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. It isn't always a bad thing to do this, but I need this scroll and am very excited to live with it for the next 28 days! I have thought about this a lot and have read it for the past 2 days so far and am loving it so far and am excited to Conquer this: "Today I will be the Master of my Emotions" I LOVE IT BABY!

Are you the master of your emotions? really search deep inside your soul and be honest with yourself and answer this question, good luck, have fun.

Jhew out

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