Thursday, October 20, 2011

ATTENTION: Jason Hewlett Retirement

Anyone who knows my brother Jason, knows he is the probably the funniest man alive.. Well, in Utah at least! Jason is a genious and has a one man show where he shows off the incredible talent that he has and makes everyone laugh till they cry (Yes, even the ones that sit back, fold their arms and try not to smile, they can't help too)

This weekend and next is the LAST TIME Jason will be performing in Utah which is a heartbreaker for anyone who has not seen him. If you are on a date and bring him or her to Jason's show, you will be a hero, or goddess (whatever you prefer) :)

Jason will make you laugh till you pee your pants cause that's the coolest! You have to go! Hit the link, copy and paste, buy some tickets and go have the best date of your life, or the best time of your life laughing hysterically!

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