Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As most hopefully know my topic of speaking is; "Running The Hill". This intrigues people cause they wonder what hill I have run in my life to make me an expert on that title. I view hills in life as any kind of physical, mental, psychological, or spiritual ailment that you might be facing at any given time. When I was in high school however, I physically ran a steep, sand hill that required an enormous amount of Perseverance, Persistence, Power, Passion & Drive! I ran it for a year and was able to lift more weight, run faster, jump higher than ever before as a result. That Hill gave me a confidence to accomplish future Hills in my life that have come upon me. We all have Hills in life. Whatever your Hill is, I challenge you to Run The Hill!

-I don't drink 5 hour energy but I love the picture of the little guy Running a Hill!


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