Monday, September 21, 2009

day one

Day one came without notice! It was November 1,2008. I went to work at 5 AM like any other morning, and for some reason became terribly ill! I ran to the bathroom and began throwing up. Not once, not twice but four times that morning, I was only eating things I knew would not make me throw up. It was strange I didn't feel sick, I hadn't eaten anything that could have made me sick in the past week or so. I was just throwing up uncontrollably today, and that followed with two months every single morning of starting the day with throwing up!

I told my wife what was happening and she asked me in a joking kind of way: "what are we having? I think you are pregnant." It was awful, I would only eat things I thought might not be so bad coming up! I went to the doctor several times and they could never find a problem with me.

This went on for a couple months like I had mentioned before until one day I was typing on the computer at my job and on the phone, helping a customer fill a contact lens order, when suddenly I couldn't see anything! I WAS BLIND IN ONE EYE! How ironic was this, I worked for a company that helped customers with bad eye site, and suddenly I was the one with the biggest problem of all! I was blind in one eye! My manager was right next to me in his extended cubicle and I turned to him and said; "Mark, I am blind in one eye, everything is blurry." Mark and I had joked around with each other in the past, so he told me to be quiet and get back to work. I persisted; "MARK, I AM BLIND! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" Boy that got his attention pretty fast!

The day we found out

The day we found out of my life change was very interesting. I have made it a life goal to share with people about MS. The ups and downs, the way your mood changes and shifts hundreds of times a day and the fight you can WIN to overcome times of hopelessness and frustration! Read on and share the journey with me!