Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Forgive me everyone I am a little hyper cause I am runnin' off of pure adreneline! I have been at work since 9PM working! I wanted to post something that is really inspiring me at the moment! Two words: TONY ROBBINS- oh my goodness he is a power house! I am listening to his seminar called "POWER TALK" It is incredible stuff, the only down side is- its on a tape so I have to listen to it in my car and no where else! I mean I can't walk into a Best Buy and say; "Hey could we go back in time and find me a walk-man please?" They would laugh me out the door! ha ha
Seriously though, he is amazing! My brother who is helping me so very much with my quest to inspiring the world with my message gave me a whole costco box of huggies full of tapes and books to listen to so I can refine my skills and inspire, inspire, inspire! Its glorious! HAVE AN INCREDIBLE DAY!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Long time since I posted last! Sorry about that, I have been crazy busy and crazy tired! The only time I can post anything is when I am at school inbetween classes so it's kinda rough! Things are going well, I have been workging this grave yard shift 9PM - 5AM and it has really taken a toll on my body! I am feeling it every single day, can't sleep on my nights off, and just trying to tough it out until Spring semester starts! I will keep you posted on life.. All in all Life Is Beautiful, and very good!