Thursday, February 16, 2012

Symposium At The Beautiful Davenport

I attended a ProArgi9+ Symposium in Spokane, Washington and stayed at the Davenport hotel!
It was so incredible and my life has been changed due to this incredible event. I was able to spend 5 incredible days with Experts on Nitric Oxide and the incredible signaling molecule that cures and prevents heart disease. I have seen miracles with this product on a Monthly, Weekly, and Daily basis and I cannot believe that everyone in this world doesn't know about this.
(Right, Dr. Joe formulator of Pro-Argi9+.
Left to right, Dr. Siva, Dr. Boger, Dan Austin, experts on Nitric Oxide, Experts that I spent 5 days with)

This is going to save health care and save the world from dying from the number one "Silent Killer" which is a heart attack or stroke. It is said, the first symptom is the last symptom cause you are DEAD!

I love this product and have a mission and RESPONSIBILITY to share it with everyone that will listen. I ask all that is reading this post the simple question:

"If someone shared with you the discovery of a natural product, based on Nobel Prize medical research; that significantly improved cardiovascular-health and performance; would you try that product for 90 days, on an unconditional money back satisfaction guaranteed basis?"

I have asked this question to over 80 people in the past 4 months and had 97% of the people answering,
"Why would anyone NOT take you up on this?"

I ask you this same question?
I hope YOU have the same answer to this question because EVERYONE NEEDS THIS PRO-ARGI9+
if you would like to know more, let's talk!