Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I returned from a trip to Boston that has been summed up in one simple phrase with the help from Biogen Idec (The company I speak for):
"I am still Just Beginning"
After a plane ride going to Boston that I was certain would be my last due to 100+ MPH wind that almost flipped the plane and caused us to crash land.

>3 days of hanging and learning from some of the MOST INCREDIBLE MS thrivers I have ever seen in my life
> Watching a man stand from the confines of a wheel chair and speak
> Networking and building relationships with the greatest friends that sadly I only see once a year.
They all made me realize and feel energized in the fact that I am doing so well with my battle of MS and all that comes with this crazy, unpredictable disease.

I thought A LOT on the plane ride home that was very long, I tried to watch a movie and couldn't stand it, as it will remain unnamed due to my respect level for the actor in it. Still couldn't stand to try to sit through it.

My theme in this blog post is due to me promising my wife that I would do something and ALWAYS falling back on that promise.

I looked at this picture (to the left) and realized that although I am conquering my Mountain of dealing with the depression, chills, achiness, loss of legs, arms, sight, and grip just to name of a fewdemons others deal with. I have found a passion for life in a very uncertain world of change and hopelessness. I feel I am dealing with things pretty well with the help of God and his loving spirit and guidance every single day of my life thus far.
I am "Still Just Beginning" to cure my addictions to the biggest demon and beast of all:
That for me is, FOOD!!

They took this picture of me (above) and I was sickened by it, I know that I am fighting this disease with everything I have (so I thought) my pictures need to look more like this:

WEEK ONE of INSANITY! Again, yep that is the point, I am STILL JUST BEGINNING folks, hopefully I will FINISH INSANITY and stick with it until I have CONQUERED THIS MOUNTAIN and gain some self control!

What Mountain do you have to Conquer? Search for it, Find it,

CONQUER IT! Good luck- you can do anything you want.

Just Do It

-Jhew out