Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today I Begin A New Life

Today is the 16th day I have lived with the scroll marked 1 of my new life. I am reading the book; "The Greatest Salesman in the World" given to me in 2003 by my father who cherished the words and is now and continues to be the Greatest Salesman I know! It contains 10 scrolls that instruct you how to live certain principals in life that will help you become successful in all that you attempt if put into practice. A man named Hafid instructs you to live with each scroll for 30 days until the words become a part of your sub-conscious mind and you develop GOOD HABITS and replace your old ones! Therefore the first scroll of 10 instructs to: Form Good Habits and become their slave
I am living with each scroll and have seen a difference in my life just in the 16 days I have lived with this scroll. It instructs to read each scroll when you arise in the morning, once when you eat your midday meal, and once as you retire to your bed, BUT, this is the most important time due to reading this one aloud! There is so much valuable power in this. I have not skipped one time of doing this so far and am therefore creating a good habit and becoming its slave!

What habits are you a slave to?

I challenge you to do an inventory of your habits!

-Conquer Your Mountain