Friday, July 29, 2011

Am I Conquering My Mountain?

I have had this question running through my mind frequently during the past couple weeks.... I want you to think of this as well and really be honest with yourself in answering this!

My answer to this is a resounding YES! Of course I feel this way..

But, is MS my only Mountain that I need to Conquer in life with a good attitude? Is this my lot in life that is the ONLY thing that needs an:
Optimistic Outlook On life?
Having An Attitude of gratitude?
Importance of Quiet Time?
I have thought about this during my quiet time and optimistic outlook time and come up with a challenge for myself to Conquer The Biggest Mountain I have fought my whole life that always seems to rear its ugly head during times of changing room mirrors at the mall or Old Navy, the bathroom mirror (TMI sorry), the local swimming pool, places like the beach or water slides!
I have always been out of shape, my body looks like the waves of the sea when I walk with my shirt off, even after losing 100 pounds I still have this problem and need to lose anywhere from 35-40 pounds and if that isn't good enough I will keep going but I need that 40 pounds gone forever! I have gone back to my original motivation for myself which was motivated by fear alone! That worked just fine for me...

I have decided to pose a question to you as well as myself:
"If you have 90 days to live UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY, PROFESSIONALLY, ALL AROUND, WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP?! You are starting on Aug. 1, 2011 -and your 90th day is on Oct. 24,2011, What will you do?

Let me know your thoughts on this?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Will Live This Day As If It Is My Last

I have lived with scroll IV for 30 days, and although I am still struggling with looking at myself as "Nature's Greatest Miracle", I know that NO ONE on this earth is able to give what I can and is as Unique as I am whether it be in in the message I speak on, or how I can help change and improve someones life in a positive way! I loved scroll IV and will continue to strive to truly believe that I am indeed Nature's Greatest Miracle!

I am now on Scroll V and am loving the looks of this! It is a scroll that if everyone lived by it would change the world and make everyone a whole lot different and more effective as human beings in a BIG WAY! I will live this day as if it is my last! I LOVE IT, and encourage those searching for anything in your lives to live by this principal every day. If you have the courage to do this it would be near impossible for you to fail at any en devour you attempt in your lifetime. I encourage every one reading this to start living this day as if it were your last and YOU WILL SUCCEED! Refer to this quote often for encouragement:

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

-JHew Out

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Conquering My Mountain

As Most of you know (or if you don't that's ok) I have been on the battleground fighting the incurable disease of Multiple Sclerosis since January 1, 2009. It has been a very interesting fight thus far to say the least, but has made me stronger in my day to day life mentally, physically, and spiritually!
I am very grateful for this strength. I have been using certain
"weapons" to fight this battle: healthy diet, drug of choice called Avonex, and a supplement called Pro-Argi9 that has helped my Avonex to be most effective! I am able to work out on a daily basis, run, play sports as I did when I was a child, and Conquer Mountains! Hence the name of my blog! I had the pleasure of Conquering Mount Olympus which is a 9,000 foot climb of death back in October of 2010 as well as Monday, June 27, 2011! Both times it kicked my trash, but I kicked back and LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! I will continue to kick back at any and every obstacle that comes my way. I challenge everyone that reads this blog post to put a smile on your face when you have an obstacle in your life and push, kick, or slap your way up the mountain that you are conquering! And I challenge you to Conquer Your Mountain!

I leave you with a quote from the incredible Mother Teresa:

“I never will understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.”

- Mother Teresa

-JHew Out