Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life Is Beautiful!

I want to write about how grateful I am for my life! I have been really striving to live with an attitude of gratitude while I am Conquering My Mountains in life, working harder than I have ever worked in my life, Pushed farther than I have ever pushed! I bought a new journal and have grown to enjoy writing in it, except this is a JUST FOR GRATITUDE JOURNAL.. I recommend this to all who read this post- there is not a word of negativity that touches this journal and it is changing my life.

I have been striving to overcome all my weaknesses, create good habits and become their slave, becoming the master of my emotions, and Conquering my Mountains! It has been an invigorating experience and I have loved every second of it and will continue to love it. Hopefully everyone knows that I strive to be as close to God as I can be, through him anything and everything is possible and I believe this with all my heart and soul. In this process of self reflection and change for me I have become much closer to him and feel his love in my life!

I challenge everyone reading this post to take a self inventory of your life and be as honest as you can. This will hurt, at times it will hurt badly, and if you have someone in your life that can and will be incredibly BRUTALLY honest with you and let you know what your weaknesses are and what they perceive you can do better at in life this helps as well- (a word of caution however, this is the hardest thing you will ever do, and can ruin relationships, but if you are humble it could help it grow) Most of the time the biggest Breakdowns lead to the biggest Breakthroughs in life!

I challenge everyone to do this, keep growing, keep improving, Conquer Your Mountain!
God bless

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Scroll Marked VI- Today I Will Be The Master of My Emotions

Today I Will Be the Master of My Emotions.

What an incredible scroll to be starting on a couple days ago! This is especially good for me because if anyone knows me personally, you know that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. It isn't always a bad thing to do this, but I need this scroll and am very excited to live with it for the next 28 days! I have thought about this a lot and have read it for the past 2 days so far and am loving it so far and am excited to Conquer this: "Today I will be the Master of my Emotions" I LOVE IT BABY!

Are you the master of your emotions? really search deep inside your soul and be honest with yourself and answer this question, good luck, have fun.

Jhew out

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Day! Another Video!

Today I decided to make a video focused around the motivation to keep the end in mind! Whatever your end goal is: Keep it in mind and you won't fail I promise you.. Check out the video and you will see!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Three (3) I LOVE IT

Hey everyone- this is Josh Hewlett screaming I LOVE IT! I Love this new life that I am embarking on- I feel so good about it and empowered by all things that I am accomplishing.. Yesterday I could barely get out of bed I was so sore from P90X Chest and Back on Monday that I decided to take it off, but today I Crushed- Shoulders and Arms P90X and tomorrow I am off to Insanity- Check out my latest video, (I don't recommend doing what I have done in this video, not smart- but no time) Enjoy and Conquer Your Mountain!