Monday, October 24, 2011

90 Day Challenge

Introduction About ProArgi-9 Plus

90 Day Challenge
"If someone shared with you the discovery of a natural product, based on Nobel Prize medical research; that significantly improved cardiovascular health and performance; would you try that product for 90 days, on an unconditional money back guaranteed basis?" Check out my site:

What would you do? Would you try it? Call me: 801-599-7888 or email me:

I challenge you to take charge of your life and start PREVENTING rather than REACTING to health problems!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

ATTENTION: Jason Hewlett Retirement

Anyone who knows my brother Jason, knows he is the probably the funniest man alive.. Well, in Utah at least! Jason is a genious and has a one man show where he shows off the incredible talent that he has and makes everyone laugh till they cry (Yes, even the ones that sit back, fold their arms and try not to smile, they can't help too)

This weekend and next is the LAST TIME Jason will be performing in Utah which is a heartbreaker for anyone who has not seen him. If you are on a date and bring him or her to Jason's show, you will be a hero, or goddess (whatever you prefer) :)

Jason will make you laugh till you pee your pants cause that's the coolest! You have to go! Hit the link, copy and paste, buy some tickets and go have the best date of your life, or the best time of your life laughing hysterically!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scroll Marked VIII- Today I Will Multiply My Value a Hundredfold

I have been Laughing at the World non-stop whenever I was feeling down trodden or beaten down, or defeat and it has changed my life! This book is amazing if applied!

Today I will Multiply My Value an Hundredfold.
I am very excited for this scroll because what I do is starting to heat up and I am becoming in demand. It is very exciting, yet very stressful as well. In case those that are reading don't know I am an independent distributor with a product called ProArgi9 Plus that has literally saved and changed my life.
Saved because as most know I have Multiple Sclerosis an auto immune disease with no known cure, and take a shot once a week which really helps me to stay active in my in my life, BUT, it gave me the worst flu symptoms once a week as well that I could barely handle they were such extreme side effects. I started coupling the product with ProArgi9 Plus (7 days a week) with my shot (once a week) and it completely got rid of all the side effects of my shot! This product is heaven sent for me.

I am so passionate about this product ProArgi9 Plus cause it is proven to reverse heart disease, due to increased blood flow, and it has lowered my blood pressure from 190/110, to 113/71! That is HUGE- it increases blood flow and has helped my stamina as well (if you know what I mean? wink wink) and it increases my recovery time on my workouts so I can move the next day! For more information I encourage you to check out :

This product has saved my life and I need to be duplicated but very few have a passion that I have! If your interested in working with me you can take the challenge of 90 days on the product with a 100% money back guarantee. Contact me- go to the link above and check it out. God bless and live to Multiply your value a Hundredfold!