Wednesday, June 13, 2012

UPDATE 06/13/12

I need to update everyone on my Life Changing 3-Phase program that I am going through. 
I fell off the wagon to begin with, after day 5 (seems all to often that this happens) I get psyched up to change my physical body and appearance, therefore changing my Spiritual and Mental life as well and help boost me in the right direction once and for all, and then I miss a workout, or don't eat as perfect as I planned, fall off the band wagon and continue to be tired, fat, and depressed about being so tired and fat!  I have a support coach named Diana Bateman who is a friend, as well as a HUGE motivation in living well with the diagnosis of MS!  (Even we "Speakers and Motivators" need it at times)  

She has finished P90X as well as Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and is currently doing Brazilian Butt Lift.. ha ha..
And she is now training for a 5K which sounds a little crazy to me..
You can follow her journey at

She got a hold of me on April 9, if you recall I wrote the life changing post on March 7 so I lost a month, but I gained something much more! 
We talked and she gave the best support call, emailed me to check up on me and so on and so forth.. I got back on the band wagon and started Insanity on April 9, 2012...  Felt really good about everything, went out of town multiple times and brought my workouts with me and played them on my laptop, and did them!! 
I scheduled the time to do the workouts (Diana's suggestion)
I wrote down everything I ate (Diana's suggestion)
I only weighed myself ONCE (Karrie's suggestion) my beautiful wife!!
I started a kick boxing class 3 times a week (Karrie's suggestion) my beautiful wife!! 
I kept with Insanity Mon, Wed, Fri
Kick Boxing/Tabata class: Tues, Thurs, Sat
Eating healthy 5 small meals a day, sticking with it.. Using Slight Edge priciples (Easy things to do, are also Easy Not to do.. Life Changing Book, I recommend it highly) You can get it here: 

I just finished 60 days of the Insanity program, and I have Released The Weight and have gone from: 
273LBS - 248LBS 
And I am still motivated to change even more and Release EVEN MORE WEIGHT, this GOO is not coming back! 
I have started the Insanity program again on June 11, 2012 and will be done this time in Aug. 11, 2012, and the life changing process continues!!!

Bring on Phase TWO!   

I am very excited and pumped, I have changed and engrained a lot of good habits into my life with the help of a coach, my wife, and turning my car into a "Unitversity On Wheels" as Zig Ziglar would say with insprational books on MP3 and reading good things! 

DO YOU find yourself falling into the negative cycles I mentioned above? 
If so, I recommend you
1,) Find a Coach (Diana is a beachbody coach and is Fabulous, her contact info is on her website;
2.) Write down everything you eat for weight loss, or activities you do to try to accomplish something positive in your life for accountability purposes
3.) Never Give UP!
I love this video that promotes a program that DDP put together that is a Yoga program that is hardcore, but this video will make you cry, so get the tissues and enjoy:

4.) You can't have my wife, (She is amazingly supportive of late night or early morning workouts) 
but get your spouse on board,  This is a MUST for support, and success!
5.) Turn your car, i-pod, i-phone, i-pad into a University!  There are so many good things out there that can help you get what you want and accomplish good things! 
6,) Get the Slight Edge Book or CD!!  (Above link)    
7.) Jim Rohn says:
"Self Improvement is so valuable Because it makes you Unique"
Improve Yourself! 

I challenge everyone reading this post, to push yourself, do better every day and
-Conquer Your Mountain!