Friday, May 13, 2011

I Will Persist Until I Succeed

Today I begin the Scroll Marked 3 which is:
"I Will Persist Until I Succeed." Which really is the meaning of life and success! If you fail to persist, you fail to have faith in yourself and your dreams and goals! It continuously repeats the counsel to stick with it and live your dreams and goals and keep pushing (Persisting) until you succeed which I love so very much... It mentions words like prizes of life and "Conquering" your goals and dreams are at the end of each and every journey! Speaking of Persisting until I succeed I was diagnosed with MS with terrible symptoms that I am battling and winning due to a Miracle Molecule called Pro-Argi9 Plus! This has completely sent all my symptoms in remission. All reading this need to go to:
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I will never consider defeat. (I love this short sentence, it's too true and we all need to keep it in mind as we struggle through this world of challenge, strive, and despair.......... I challenge everyone who reads this to
PERSIST UNTIL YOU SUCCEED and you will come out on top!