Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Shiloh Khloe Hewlett to the world!!!!

My wife went into labor on February 21, 2011 in the morning at 7:00 AM. I woke up at 8:00 AM and asked her if she was okay (not knowing that her water broke, but saw a look on her face and decided to ask). Karrie calmly says; "Josh guess what? my water just broke, why don't you wash the sheets, take a shower, and get ready to go for a walk and out to breakfast before we go to the hospital?" Now, I am freaking out due to not understanding the lack of rush and urgency she had. She even told me to stop and get a couple movies to watch while we are waiting?!?! So, we finally got to the hospital at 10AM and Karrie laid in bed, sat on a medicine ball, walked around the hospital room multiple times! All this time I am watching the monitor that is tracking the contractions she was having and as the mountains got bigger of intensity of pain I couldn't believe how tough, persistent, and hard-core my wife is!

The next morning my tough wife who hadn't slept for about a week, and had a contraption to FORCE her to contract more frequently, was dilated to a 5 FINALLY. I thought this might actually happen the way we wanted things to happen (We wanted a V-back)! At 3AM she was dilated to a 5, at 7AM she wasn't any further along. :( The Doctor decided that 24 and a half hours of labor was enough and called it a game. We got all "Scrubbed" up and preceded into surgery for the second C-Section we have had in 3 and a half years.

All went well after an hour long surgery and I am proud to present to the world our 8 pound 13 ounce PERFECT ANGEL BABY: Shiloh Khloe Hewlett. I am so impressed with my wife and her tenacity and strength. I have so much respect for the Women across the world that give birth to children. You are all hard core and I have nothing but Respect for all. God bless

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do You Have Dreams?

I was honored to address a female youth group last night and share with them my message of Running Their Hills In Life that come. We also discussed how they need to follow their dreams and aspirations no matter how "out of reach" they may seem. Looking at dreams and goals as impossible is an illusion that is created in our minds as a result of listening to what the world tells us is possible and not possible. Think back to when you were a kid and for your birthday or Christmas you wanted anything you could think of, there were no limitations in the slightest, there were no illusions that were stopping your train of thought. If you wanted a pony, on Christmas morning you expected that pony (or a horse) to be in under your tree.

I challenge you to think like a child again and pursue your goals and dreams and stop creating illusions in your mind as to why you can't have what you want.
Run Your Hill/Conquer Your Mountain.


Monday, February 14, 2011

INSANITY P90X! (And Valentines)

Are you ready to get Insane? Starting week 7 of Insanity on this lovely Valentines day. I have lost 15 pounds so far although I feel like I lose 10 pounds every time I do this crazy "Insane" workout! It kicks my trash on a daily basis, 6 days a week and I love it. Once I finish Insanity I am going to combine the craziness of P90X as well as Insanity in the same workout routine and be prepared for a daily butt kicking that I have never experienced in my life! I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines day with your significant other and enjoys this day of love. My wife is due any day with my little girl and we are very excited about this. Are you getting Insane with the Hills of Life you are Conquering? If not I challenge you to get Insane and Run the Hills of Life!

-Josh out

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Half Day Training-Job Corps

Training with Tim Border and Job Corps in the morning to the afternoon! It's gonna be a great day full of hope, leadership, and motivation! Thank you to the incredible mind of Tim Border in helping me at least once a week in mentoring and encouraging me to speak as much as possible! Thank you Tim Border for being my mentor and my friend! You are the man.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As most hopefully know my topic of speaking is; "Running The Hill". This intrigues people cause they wonder what hill I have run in my life to make me an expert on that title. I view hills in life as any kind of physical, mental, psychological, or spiritual ailment that you might be facing at any given time. When I was in high school however, I physically ran a steep, sand hill that required an enormous amount of Perseverance, Persistence, Power, Passion & Drive! I ran it for a year and was able to lift more weight, run faster, jump higher than ever before as a result. That Hill gave me a confidence to accomplish future Hills in my life that have come upon me. We all have Hills in life. Whatever your Hill is, I challenge you to Run The Hill!

-I don't drink 5 hour energy but I love the picture of the little guy Running a Hill!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today Is A New Day

When you wake up in the morning, sleepy, groggy, feeling like you want to crawl back into that comfortable warm bed. Have you ever thought about the saying; "Today Is A New Day"? Felt energized to get up and start a new day, a new beginning? If you can get up with that kind of attitude I personally guarantee that the day will be a great day for you and those surrounding your life, you will feel energized and an urgency to get up and start a new day! Life has so many possibilities and chances to be and do great things, I challenge you to wake up and say to yourself that: "Today Is A New Day" you might find yourself doing cartwheels to your bathroom, and accomplishing great things! :) You might even want to watch Chicken Little where I got this great saying from (Awwww the joy of having a 3 year old) Make it a great day!

Running The Hill