Monday, June 6, 2011

I Am Nature's Greatest Miracle

Today I have finished 30 days with the scroll marked III and I LOVE IT! I am persisting Until I Succeed, doing this has planted seeds that will soon blossom into beautiful flowers of success and wealth and happiness!

Now I am on scroll number IV and I plan to live with this scroll as I travel to different places in the country this month, meeting new people and feeding and nourishing the seeds that I have planted so they may grow! I am headed to Chicago to help test and train the incredible people there and am very excited about it, as well as Las Vegas and Logan, Utah to speak and help others grow! I am going to be honest in saying it is going to be a challenge to convince myself that I am Nature's Greatest Miracle, but I think after I live with this scroll for 30 days confidence (not cockiness) will run through my veins and I will OWN MY LIFE! I know I have a great message that needs to be shared and that all the world needs to hear, therefore I will persist until I succeed and will surely become NATURE'S GREATEST MIRACLE!
I challenge you to become this in your own life and you