Sunday, November 4, 2012


NEW!!!!!  NEW!!!!!!! NEW!!!!!! 

WOW, I have so many New and Great things to update everyone on.. 
First and Foremost:  
Things are going more than fantastic!!!! 
I continue to press on with my 3 phase "Getting Fit" process trying very hard and faithfully to reach the 215 pound I seek.  
I am continuing to hit the gym multiple times a week, 
hit my living room doing Insanity!!!!
P90X!!  (can you tell which one I love more?? I gave Insanity 3 exclamation points!  :) 
I love both the programs and have been able to do them both in one day in fact (Insanity in the morning for cardio, and P90X at night for weight training)  
I hit a wall at 228 pounds even though I was eating perfect and working out so much burning nearly 2,000 calories a day and only taking in about 1,700 is not a great ratio folks.. 
I started to go backwards and was frustrated when I was chomping down a pound of broccoli and gaining pounds  :/  (that's the "sigh" face everyone does on FB)
I continue to press forward as I have no choice but to eat perfect these days because I am not willing to play "Russian Roulette" with this Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.  
Speaking of that MS, I am proud to announce that as of 6 months ago today; 
I am Completely Drug Free
I weened myself from my MS medication and have decided to go the "All Natural" route and let my body do what is supposed to do and Heal Itself!  
I have gone from 275-228, I eat perfect, I workout daily, I Supplement with a product that won the Nobel Prize of medicine, I have an incredible belief in God that he will take care of me as I put good things into my body all the time!  
It was a BIG CHOICE I had to come to the conclusion of making with my sweetheart, and trusting that all will be well!  
I am so excited about my business,  
My Life, 
My Quest to Save Millions of Lives with the Natural Supplement that I take on a daily basis.. 
 I want to throw out the challenge to anyone that reads this: 
If you know anyone that suffers from: 
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Abnormal Triglycerides
ANYTHING regarding blood flow, please direct them to:   
go to the PRODUCTS section and educate yourself and others about this life saving product that I am working with!  
You will save someones life.. 
I love it..
Stay Tuned, pictures to come when I hit my goal of 215!  I found a new formula of working out, eating at certain times during the days that is going to assist me in getting there.. 
This Life is an incredible journey, be sure to stop and smell the roses every once and a while!  They wilt and die much too fast.
I hope you all are
Conquering Your Mountains!  
Till next time