Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Help Ashlyn Weisler

Ashlyn Weisler is the daughter of a dear friend of mine named Kirk Weisler who is an incredible public speaker who motivates, inspires, and teaches others how to be great! During this season take a minute and go to this web site:
Donate $25 dollars to help pay for this little girls medical bills that could save an uninsured families home. I personally know each and every one of the speakers that have donated their time and efforts to put this workbook together that you will get with a donation of $25 dollars.
They have each changed my life in a positive way, and could change yours if you will donate $25 and receive this PRICELESS GIFT that they have put together for you to learn and grow in a positive way.

THIS IS A WIN WIN FOR YOU, AND FOR WEISLER FAMILY! Ashlyn is a miracle, a great opportunity to help and give back to this incredible cause. You will hear from each one of these speakers, this line below speaks for thousands and thousands of dollars EACH SPEECH! And you will receive all of them for just $25. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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